Museums and Galleries

As soon as artists made downtown their home, they found creative ways to share their work. Some shows were pop up events, dodging code enforcement to turn alleys or fences into temporary galleries. The first full-time gallery turned an abandoned Arthur Murray dance studio into the “Da” in 1984 (now the Da Center for the Arts) whose no-frills, eclectic exhibits helped define the downtown's commitment to emerging artists. Today more than a dozen galleries showcase everything from photography to student work to international artists. Major anchors include the Latino Art Museum and the American Museum of Ceramic Arts. The best time to explore the galleries is on the Second Saturday Art Walk, one of the oldest and largest monthly art walks in California.

Check out all of the galleries, museums, studios and major exhibits in the Pomona Arts Colony by clicking on one of the links below. 

2nd St. Sculpture Park
Sculpture park and art gallery featuring local artists and live music.
538 W. 2nd St.
The Alley Gallery
Contemporary art from local artists, live music and Paint N' Sip classes.
101 S. Main St.
Cafe Con Libros
Bookstore and art gallery offering Chicano literature for kids and reading assistance.
280 S. Thomas St.
Ink'd Chronicles
Tattoo parlor, piercings and art gallery.
264 W. 2nd St.
Apothecary Gallery
A gallery that champions art, innovation, and community with handmade/local goods.
565 W. 2nd St. Unit 1
Downtown Center Gallery
A School of Arts & Enterprise gallery, featuring student, faculty and guest artists.
300 W. 2nd St.
The Lucille H. Berger Gallery
A School of Arts & Enterprise gallery featuring student artists.
375 S. Main St.
Loft on 2nd
A venue where emerging and seasoned visual artists showcase their work.
543 W 2nd St.
The Progress Gallery
A collaborative neighborhood venue featuring local and collegiate artists.
300-B S. Thomas St.
Metro Art Gallery
Art gallery located in the lobby of the Downtown Pomona Owner's Association.
119 W. 2nd St.
dba256 Wine Bar
A gallery of rotating artwork inside a craft beer and wine bar.
256 S. Main St.
dA Center for the Arts
The neighborhood's largest community gallery featuring exhibitions, classes and music.
252 S Main St # D
Smoking Mirrors Gallery
A gallery dedicated to the promotion and preservation of handcrafted arts.
565 W. 2nd St.
Latino Art Museum
Showcasing the works of Latino/a artists living throughout the Americas.
281 S. Thomas St. #105
Gallery 57Underground
An underground, community art gallery featuring contemporary art.
252 S. Main St # D
Mosaic Gallery
A gallery, community center and cafe that features local and up-and-coming artists.
320 S. Thomas St.
American Museum of Ceramic Art
The largest ceramics museum in the US with international exhibits, classes and a studio.
399 N Garey Ave.
Photoshoot Factory
Photographic gallery with classes on how to light, shoot, and edit photos like a pro.
250 W. 2nd St.
Ferguson's Flower Gallery
Fine floral arrangements, gifts, framing and an art gallery.
181 W. 2nd St.
Audio Video Disco
A community of collaborators looking to translate life through art and the senses.
590 W. 2nd St. #1
Community Brains
Fine art and beautiful jewelry created by local artists.
158 West 3rd St.
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Major Events and Exhibits

2nd Saturday Art Walk
Monthly Art Walk featuring the visual arts, ceramics, mixed media, photography and more.
Chalk Art Festival
Yearly event where students, families and professional artists create chalk masterpieces.
Annual exhibit exploring the Chicano Arts Movement and its influence in the US.
Simply RED
Annual show for art that explores aspects of RED as the color, the feeling, and the idea.
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